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About Us

About Us

BSFK is local NGO funded in 2007 inheriting vision and mission from Balkan Sunflowers International which operated in Kosovo since 1999. BALKAN SUNFLOWERS KOSOVA (BSFK) builds activist lives for social change. We inspire and engage in community action for human rights and dignity, working in education, health, culture, citizenship, employment, and respect for diversity. BSFK has focused its work primarily in the areas of education and on issued pertaining to Roma, Ashkali, and Egyptian people in Kosovo. Currently, BSFK operates five learning centers in 4 municipalities in Kosovo. Through these learning centers, BSFK serves approximately 500 children per day. In addition to the learning centers, BSKF has programs which aim to increase inclusion and participation of Roma, Ashkali, and Egyptian people in education and in civic life in Kosovo. Scope of work: The protection of human rights…

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Happy 21st anniversaryBlog
Happy 21st anniversary

• Happy 21st anniversary … • Urime 21 vjetori … • Sretna 21 godišnjica … 21 years ago, Balkan Sunflowers (BSF) was established to help Kosovar refugees. Volunteers from around the…

Summer Program startedBlog
Summer Program started

Balkan Sunflowers Kosova (BSFK) started to implement 2020 summer program in 5 Learning Centers. Approximately 500 most disadvantaged children from Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian…



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