There are different possibilities to volunteer with Balkan Sunflowers.

Learning Centers Network

BSFK has 5 learning centers in Kosovo and 500-600 children bennefiting from different educational activities offered by our staff. More than 30 volunteers are engaged as tutors in our learning centers. Volunteers are secondary school students or university students and they are engaged 2-3 hours per day, every day.


BSFK can offer internship opportunity for volunteers based on the needs and applicability. Unfortunately, BSFK doesn’t have its own funds to support interns. There are few way to nbe engaged as intern: funded projects, cooperation with University, self-funded, or through another NGO.

Volunteering in Kosovo

Our main program for volunteers is under the framework of the European Voluntary Service (EVS). We host 5 vounteers yearly for a period of 10 months to perform different tasks within the organization's HQ or in our activities in the field. Volunteers have their accomodation costs covered by this program and enjoy several advantages. Please keep an eye in the vacancies section to learn about the calls for volunteers and how to apply.

In Balkan Sunflowers we also welcome a limited number of volunteers who could rely on their own resources for their living in Kosovo. We only host volunteers for periods of more than 3 months, and always related to a particular project or initiative. We will be happy to assist with all the logistics but unfortunately our organization is not in position to cover any of the costs of travelling to or staying in Kosovo. We are always happy to enrich our programs with skilled and motivated people. In the section "What We Do" of this website it is possible to find information about our activities, in order to match them with your skills. Please write us an email including your CV and expressing your motivation and how you think you could contribute to our work.

You may also have a look to our Volunteer Reflections and our Frequently Asked Questions sections, or send as an email to volunteering[at] if you have any question.

EVS for Kosovo youth

One of Balkan Sunflowers' aims is the promotion of volunteerism. For that reason, we would like to give the opportunity to young Kosovars to volunteer abroad under the framework of the European Voluntary Service (EVS). We are working in establishing partnerships with other European organizations to work as hosting organizations for volunteers from Kosovo. To that end we would like to build a pool of motivated individuals to be sent as volunteers abroad. If you feel motivated to carry out a volunteer experience in a European Union member country, please send us your CV and your motivation letter to volunteering[at] Although the process is quite slow and could last several months due to the nature of the program and constrains in visa arrangements, we will make our best efforts to find a project abroad matching your skills and preferences.

Volunteer online

Sometimes, Balkan Sunflowers has needs that can be satisfied off-location, such as translations, design, desk research, web development... This kind of contribution could be either sporadic or constant, but please always consider your level of commitment before accepting the responsibility. We will post these needs in our website with the relevant information and conditions.