Fushe Kosova Learning Center

Fushe Kosova Learning Center (FKLC)

Fushe Kosova Learning Center (FKLC)

Located 5-30 minutes (depending on traffic) outside of Prishtina, Fushe Kosova hosts the largest Learning Center within the BSF Learning Center Network. Serving approximately 300 children daily, the center is staffed by seven facilitators and thirty-five tutors.

The center is directed by Rrahmon Stollaku. The center is unique in that it has programs both in Albanian and Serbian languages. Fushe Kosova Learning Center provides early childhood, elementary and secondary educational programming as well as additional support for staff currently enrolled in secondary school and college.

Fushe Kosova also has a women’s literacy program enabling a group of committed women to learn to read and write. The Center opened in April 2008 for homework help and the language club, began the preschool in June 2008, and the Women’s Literacy program in April 2009. Meet FKLC staff. See some FKLC successes .