Plemetina Learning Center

Plemetina Learning Center (PLC)

Plemetina Learning Center (PLC)

Plemetina is a village three kilometers from Obiliq/Obilić town, home of Kosovo’s two coal-fired power plants.

The Center serves a predominately Roma population who attend school in Serbian language. Approximately 70 children attend the center daily and are supported by 4 facilitators and 3 tutors. The center is directed by Driton Berisa, who has been involved with BSF programs since 2002. Driton recently completed one-month away from the Center in an internship with the Council of Europe.

In addition to normal BSF LCN programming, the center also hosts a scouts program for local boys. Involvement of tutors with homework help began in 2007 helping to test the practice for development in the Learning Centers Network. Meet PLC staff. See some PLC successes.