Young change makers through

Young change makers through theatre

Young change makers through theatre

Project was supported by UNMIK

Project was implemented from January - June 2020 in 5 municipalities of Kosovo: Fushe Kosove, Ferizaj, Mitrovica, Gracanica and Shtime

The overall goal: To create 5 grassroots, sustainable theater troupes made up of a diverse group of young people in 5 municipalities of Kosovo.

Grassroots Theater Troups from each location will discuss about the problems they have in the area they live, and prepare theater performance presenting problems and possible actions to deal with them. Different institutional stakeholders and as well communities will be invited to see theatric play. The aim is to raise awareness of the issues/problems, and as well to promote interethnic approach toward solution of the issues.

Youth from different communities will work together and be role models for many other children, adults, communities and as well institutions, through promotion of the interethnic cooperation through art.

Objectives and the results of the project are:

Objective 1: Capacities of approximately 30 young artists from 5 municipalities of Kosovo to prepare and perform theater play are developed.

    1. Young potential artists from 5 municipalities will be informed and offered possibility to express their skills in theater activities;
    2. Approximately 60 young artists will be selected to participate in four theater troupes;
    3. Capacities of approximately 60 young artists to plan and perform theater performances will be developed in 3 day training;

Objective 2: Four theater performances are prepared by four troupes of young artists from 4 municipalities.

    1. Five social topics for performances will be chosen by troupes involving youth from 5 municipalities
    2. Five performances will be prepared by four troupes
    3. Five troupes will be mentored and supported by artistic director and partner NGOs regularly

Objective 3: Seven theater performances are performed in 7 municipalities of Kosovo by 5 theater troupes.

    1. One premiere performance will be performed in Prishtina for different stakeholders and citizens
    2. Six performances will be performed by troupes in six municipalities
    3. Evaluation meeting will produce recommendation and exit strategy for troupes