Happy 21st

Happy 21st anniversary

Happy 21st anniversary

  • Happy 21st anniversary
  • Urime 21 vjetori
  • Sretna 21 godišnjica

21 years ago, Balkan Sunflowers (BSF) was established to help Kosovar refugees. Volunteers from around the world watched television images of the war and the refugee emergency. They wanted to help in ways that money could not. They believed that personal contact as friends and neighbors, could help restore community life in ways that emergency aid and political support could not do.

Balkan Sunflowers Kosovo (BSFK) registered on 18 January 2007 and continued to implement Balkan Sunflowers vision and mission.

BALKAN SUNFLOWERS build activist lives for social change. We inspire and engage in community action for human rights and dignity, working in education, health, culture, citizenship, employment and respect for diversity.
Protection of human rights; social, emotional and intellectual development of all people in Kosovo; and promoting community empowerment - through the development and implementation of programs for education, research, advocacy, art, culture, and other social activities.

BSFK is grateful to staff, volunteers, implementing partners, institutions, beneficiaries and supporters in trusting to us and contributing in reaching foreseen goals.

Let’s continue with good work J